Innergy training is ideal for clients seeking to look and feel their best. Our mission is aligning and redefining one body at a time. We are an all inclusive facility – taking our clients from start to finish. We specialize in Weight Loss and balancing bodies from injuries or just imbalances from life.. Our expert trainers work with you to decide what exercises you enjoy and what your fitness goals are. We incorporate weight training, cardiovascular training, TRX, Indo-­Row, Spinning, Pilates, Boxing, and more into your personalized workouts.

The studio also offers small group classes that will take you through a full body workout in 45 minutes that incorporates cardio and resistance training. We also help you with nutritional needs by testing your metabolism (resting metabolic rate). We can develop corporate wellness programs for your company that suits your team’s needs. We have several wellness monitoring systems we can put in place for your business. As you know, corporate wellness helps increase productivity, team building, and an overall positive and healthy working environment.

We believe that exercise should be fun and if you are enjoying it, then you will see results!

Our Staff